Guide to sending BVD samples to Enfer Labs

1. Order your official tissue tags with your chosen tag supplier, for more information see AHI

2.  Tag the calf with the tissue tag.

3. Place the sample tubes in a small plastic bag. Seal the bag 

4. Complete the ENFER ear tag sample submission form for the BVD Program- BVD Ear Notch Testing Form scheme or please include a note with the following details:

Telephone number
Quantity of samples enclosed
Your herd code & herd designator
Method of payment (see point 5 below)

If you are sending samples with several herd numbers (i.e. includes bought in animals), please clearly record ONLY YOUR Herd IE number and clearly mark Mixed Herd on the enclosed note.

This ensures the results of the samples you sent will be reported to you by ICBF.


Forms to be submitted
These forms can be used to record your information when sending in samples for testing.

Ear Notch Testing Form – Click Here



5. Choose a payment method as below:

a. Setup a Pre-Paid account online. Click here to pay for tests online or;

b. Phone us on 045 983800 to setup a Pre-Paid account using a credit or debit card or;

c. Send payment with your samples.  Ensure you include your contact details (see point 4) with all payments.

d. If you are sending payment in advance of posting samples please ensure you include a note with all your contact details (see point 4) AND write your Herd Code / Designator on the back of the cheque / postal order.

*Contact Enfer for more details on these payment options. All cheques / postal orders must be made payable to Enfer Labs. 



6. Place your bag of samples and submission form or note in a strong durable envelope. Samples should be submitted to the laboratory within 7 days of collection.

Post your samples to  

Enfer Labs
BVD Testing Laboratory
Unit T, M7 Business Park
Co. Kildare
W91 FD74

Please write clearly on the outside of the envelope  ”Exempt Animal Specimen” .

Please ensure the correct postage is placed on the envelope, as underpaid postage will incur a postage fine and may result in samples being delayed by An Post.  Please refer to the AHI website for postage rate.