10. Meat Speciation

Service Availability

The service operates routinely from Monday to Friday each week excepting Bank Holidays Bank Holiday and weekend service can be provided by prior arrangement with management

The primary contact for meat speciation laboratory services is Susan Wall (susanwall@enfergroup.com) 045 983800

Samples should be received at the laboratory by 2pm. The customer is responsible for delivering samples to the laboratory.

The test turnaround time for specification by PCR is 3-5 days and 1-3 days for specification by ELISA.

The laboratory address is: Enfer Labs
Unit T M7 Business Park Newhall

Co Kildare

Sample Receipt

Sample details should be emailed in advance using an excel form available from the following webpage: https://www.enfergroup.com/?page_id=649
This form should also be printed and sent with the samples. Customers are responsible for adequately labelling samples to ensure correct identification on receipt by the laboratory.


Enfer Labs offers ELISA and PCR based methods. The method required should be clearly identified for each sample on the sample submission form.

The limit of detection for ELISA tests is 0.5% The limit of detection for PCR tests is 0.1%

Results in reports relate only to the items tested. Enfer accepts no liability for the content of the report. Reports may not be reproduced without the approval of Enfer Labs.

The test methods used will, in the great majority of cases, accurately detect the presence or absence of the target species when submitted and tested correctly. However, results relate only to the sample as received by the laboratory and Enfer accepts no liability for the traceability or quality of samples prior to receipt by the laboratory, either of which may compromise the quality of test results generated and whilst Enfer warrant that our tests will meet the applicable declared specifications, Enfer makes no other warranty, expressed or implied and accept no responsibility or liability in respect of false results which are within the limits of the declared specifications of the tests offered or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided.
No representation or warranty is given by Enfer Labs, or any member or employee or other person connected with Enfer as to the accuracy of any test method or test results.


Reports will be dispatched electronically to the addresses provided by the customer.

Unless by prior agreement with the customer setting different limits, samples with less than 1% adulteration will be reported as ‘Not Detected’. Samples with 1% adulteration or greater will be reported as ‘Detected’.

Quantitation is outside the scope of INAB accreditation.

Samples will be kept onsite for 1 week after the report has been sent after which they will be disposed.


Both Enfer Labs and Customer shall keep confidential any information disclosed, directly or indirectly to each other as part of this agreement, and shall not disclose any such information to any Third Party without written permission of the other to do so.

Confidentiality shall not extend to any information:

  • Which at the time of receipt was in the public domain.
  • Which after receipt was made public by a Third Party acting without impropriety in so doing.

Force Majeure

Neither party shall be held liable for any expense, loss or damage resulting from delay or prevention of the performance of this agreement that is caused by fires, floods, Acts of god, Strikes, riots, thefts or accidents or any other cause whatsoever beyond reasonable control which may delay or prevent performance of our respective duties and responsibilities

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