Meat Speciation

Meat Speciation ELISA

The identification of meat species is performed in many countries to reassure consumers that the meat they purchase is unadulterated, properly labelled, and safe. This may be of importance in various communities where the consumption of certain meats is proscribed. Preventing adulteration of meat foodstuffs with less desirable or objectionable meat species is important for economic, regulatory, health and cultural reasons.
The Enfer Meat Speciation assays are sandwich type qualitative colorimetric method for the detection of specie of interest in raw and cooked meat products. The assays can be used in a semi-quantitative mode by including known standards.
The assays take as little as 2 hours from sample to result. The limit of detection (LOD) for the raw assays is 0.5% adulteration with species of interest and for the cooked assays the LOD is 1%.

Available Assays:

– Equine Raw Meat
– Porcine Raw Meat
– Ovine Raw Meat
– Bovine Raw Meat
– Chicken Raw Meat
– Equine Cooked
– Porcine Cooked

The Enfer Meat Speciation assays are available in kit format as well as being offered as a testing service by Enfer Labs.
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