9. Test Methods

Veterinary diagnostic notes: No Biological test is 100% accurate and results should always be interpreted in light of clinical information relating to the herd or individual animal. Re-sampling and testing of individuals should be carried out as a matter of routine should the diagnostic result not reflect the clinical diagnosis.

The test methods used will, in the great majority of cases, accurately detect the presence or absence of virus or antibody (as per test design) in tissue and blood samples when submitted and tested correctly. However, results relate only to the sample as received by the laboratory and Enfer accepts no liability for the traceability or quality of samples prior to receipt by the laboratory, either of which may compromise the quality of test results generated and whilst Enfer warrant that our tests will meet the applicable declared specifications, Enfer makes no other warranty, expressed or implied and accept no responsibility or liability in respect of false results which are within the limits of the declared specifications of the tests offered or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided.

No representation or warranty is given by Enfer Labs, or any member or employee or other person connected with Enfer as to the accuracy of any test method or test results.